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Row Crops, Fruits & Nuts Farms, Orchards, Vineyards and Other Ag Operations



Earthmoving, Site Prep, Civil Engineering, Commercial and Other Construction

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Operations

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Fleet Maintenance

Dealer Service Programs and Internal Service Operations

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Bulk Distribution of Fuels Including Diesel or Gasoline, Bulk Oil Delivery

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Government Sales

Municipal, State, and Federal Level Governmental Agencies



Logging, Forestry Services, and Timber Production Operations

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Oil & Gas

Oil Drilling, Gas Extraction, Coil Tubing, and Oil/Gas Field Support Operations

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Road & Bridge

Highway, Street, Road, and Bridge Construction Operations

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Here’s a roundup of Thunder Creek Equipment we carry:


The Thunder Creek Multi-Tank Oil Trailer (MTO) is designed to streamline job site service fluids and fueling operations.

  • Versatile Fluid Management: The MTO can manage up to 920 gallons and accommodate up to six different service fluids.
  • Customizable: It allows for customization with various tank sizes (25, 55, and 115 gallons), grease systems, and up to 100 gallons of DEF.
  • No HAZMAT Required: Multiple, separate 115-gallon tanks connected by a common manifold to a commercial-grade pumping system. Eliminates the need for HAZMAT, and in many cases, a CDL may not be necessary.
  • DEF Purity Protection: Optional patented 2-in-1 DEF delivery system protects against contamination and potential damage to Tier-4 machinery.
  • Three Model Variants: Available in three sizes – 460 gallons (Model #MTO460), 690 gallons (Model #MTO690), and 920 gallons (Model #MTO920)
  • Durable Construction: Features include an interlocking frame, dual torsion axles, electric brakes on all axles, and steel tanks.

Thunder Creek equipment is designed to address common job site challenges such as on-site service and reliable access to multiple types of service fluids, offering a cost-effective and efficient platform for maintaining heavy, off-road equipment in optimal condition.

Thunder Creek Service & Lube Trailer (SLT)

The Thunder Creek Service and Lube Trailer (SLT) is a mobile solution for on-site preventative maintenance, offering a cost-effective alternative to full-size lube trucks. It supports a variety of service fluids for industries requiring efficient equipment maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: Up to 690 gallons, handling up to ten fluids including oil, coolant, diesel, grease, and DEF.
  • Customizable: Tailorable with options for fresh and reclaimed fluids, DEF, grease, and tools.
  • No HAZMAT Required: Features separate tanks connected by a manifold to a commercial-grade pump, eliminating the need for HAZMAT endorsement.
  • DEF Purity: Optional patented DEF system to prevent contamination


  • SLT 460: 460 gallons, dual 6,000 lbs. axles, 7,109 lbs. empty weight.
  • SLT 690: 690 gallons, dual 7,000 lbs. axles, 8,331 lbs. empty weight.

The SLT series offers customizable, efficient on-site maintenance to keep equipment running with minimal downtime across various industries.

Thunder creek fuel & service truck upfit

The Thunder Creek MTU is a medium-duty truck upfit allowing for the legal transport of bulk diesel without a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement. It’s designed for flexibility and maneuverability on tight jobsites, making it an ideal solution for various industries.

Key Features:

  • NO HAZMAT: Enables bulk diesel transport legally without HAZMAT or CDL requirements.
  • Capacity: Features eight 115-gallon tanks for a total of 920 gallons, with options for DEF, grease, and auxiliary oil.
  • Maneuverability: Excellently suited for narrow or congested work environments.
  • apacity: Up to 690 gallons, handling up to ten fluids including oil, coolant, diesel, grease, and DEF.


  • Capacity: 920 gallons (eight 115-gallon tanks)
  • Tank Material: 10 gauge mild steel
  • GVWR: 19,500 lbs.

This upfit is particularly useful for industries that require efficient on-site fueling and service capabilities, including construction, agriculture, logging, and oil & gas operations. Its ability to navigate tight spaces and provide a range of fluid services makes it a valuable asset for maintaining uptime and productivity across various jobsites.

THUNDER CREEK Fuel & Service Trailer

The Thunder Creek No HAZMAT Fuel and Service Trailer (MTT) is designed for the efficient and legal transportation of bulk diesel, eliminating the need for a HAZMAT endorsement and, in many cases, a CDL. This trailer is a versatile solution for fueling heavy machinery across various industries and jobsites, offering up to 920 gallons of diesel capacity along with DEF and other service tools.

Key Features:

  • NO HAZMAT: Allows for the transport of bulk diesel without HAZMAT or CDL requirements.
  • Capacity Options: Available in 460, 690, and 920 gallon models, each equipped with options for DEF, grease, and auxiliary oil.
  • Maneuverability and Efficiency: Designed for easy maneuvering on tight jobsites, enhancing operational efficiency.

Specifications for Models:

  • MTT460: 460 gallons, 3,326 lbs. empty weight, 10,000 lbs. GVWR.
  • MTT690: 690 gallons, 4,054 lbs. empty weight, 12,000 lbs. GVWR.
  • MTT920: 920 gallons, 4,682 lbs. empty weight, 14,000 lbs. GVWR.

The MTT: No Hazmat Fuel & Service Trailer by Thunder Creek is ideal for sectors like construction, agriculture, logging, and oil & gas. The MTT series supports efficient on-site fueling and service, contributing to reduced downtime and increased productivity.